St. Nicolas Prytysko Church, 1631. The church was built with funds provided by a Kyiv resident P. Zalizny Hrish on the site of a wood church of the same name. The church has been rebuilt several times, and a chapel was added in 1868. This modest, white-stone Ukrainian Orthodox church, which bears just one cupola, is similar in design to traditional Ukrainian wooden cathedrals.
A legend says that a thief once sneaked into this church and was already leaving with stolen items when an invisible force pressed him against the wall and didn't let him go. He became scared and began crying for help. People gathered, and he repented and returned the stolen church items. It is thought that it was St. Nicholas who prevented that man from committing his sin. Since then this church is called "Prytysko", which in Ukrainian means "pressed (against something)." (source: "Ukraina Moloda" (December 19, 2003))


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